0.47uf metallized polypropylene film capacitor mpp 474/400V/630V

0.47uf metallized polypropylene film capacitor mpp 474/400V/630V<br><br>Aliexpress


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Compare Prices on Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor- Online . Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor Price Comparison, Price Trends for
200PCS 630V 474 0.47uF CBB MPP Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor
50pcs CBB capacitor 474 400V 474J 0.47uF 470nF P15 CL21 Metallized Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors Reviews - Online . 10pcs CBB capacitor 104 400V 104J 0.1uF 100nF P10 CL21 Metallized 20pcs
474J 0.47uF CBB 630V 470nF Metallized Film Capacitor P=15MM .. 2000V 473
0.047uF 473J CBB CBB81 MPP Metallized polypropylene film capacitor.0.47uf metallized polypropylene film capacitor mpp 474/400V/630V . Cheap mpp, Buy Quality mpp capacitor Directly from China Suppliers: any
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me or Popular Mpp Capacitors-Buy Cheap Mpp Capacitors lots from China . 630V 474 0.47uF CBB MPP Metallized polypropylene film capacitor P20MM
Good quality . 0.47uf metallized polypropylene film capacitor mpp 474/400V/
630V.Popular 474j Capacitor-Buy Cheap 474j Capacitor lots from China . Free Shipping 100pcs CBB21 Metallized Film Capacitor 0.47uF 474J 400V
630V 474J 0.47uF CBB MPP Metallized polypropylene film capacitor P20MM 0.47 uf metallized polypropylene film capacitor mpp 474/400V/630V. Find More Capacitors Information about 0.47uf metallized polypropylene film
capacitor mpp 474/400V/630V,High Quality capacitor and resistor in series,China
Metallized polypropylene film capacitor online shopping-the world . 25pcs CBB capacitor 474 400V 474J 0.47uF 470nF P15 CL21 Metallized .
20PCS 0.22UF 630V 224J 10mm CBB MPP Metallized polypropylene film
capacitor 474j 630v Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor - Alibaba. Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.47uF 474J 630V for vintage radio .
Metallized polypropylene film mpp 474k 250v 400v 4.7uf 474j capacitors 100v.Film Capacitor Mpp 474j - Alibaba. Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitors MPP CBB22 474J 400V 0.47uf.
Compare metallized polyester film mylar capacitor mpp 474j 630v CBB21.
Compare 33fhmzf - 100pcs CBB Polypropylene Film Capacitor 400V . 100pcs CBB Polypropylene Film Capacitor 400V 155J 1.5uf 155 P20=MM
630v 474 0.47uf cbb cbb21 p=22.5mm mpp metallized polypropylene film
capacitor 100pcs CBB 474 630V 474J CBB21 0.47uF 470nF P20 Metallized . 10pcs/lot cbb 474j 400v pin pitch 10mm film capacitor 25pcs cbb capacitor 474
630v 474 0.47uf cbb cbb21 p=22.5mm mpp metallized polypropylene film Wholesale Polypropylene Metallized Film Capacitor from Best . 400V 405 4uF CBB MPP Metallized polypropylene film capacitor Wholesale-
20pcs CBB 333 630V 333J CL21 0.033uF 33nF P10 Metallized Wholesale-
50pcs CBB capacitor 474 400V 474J 0.47uF 470nF P15 CL21 Metallized Film Capacitors | Mouser. Film Capacitors are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory,
pricing, & datasheets for Film Capacitors. 0.41 uF, 0.43 uF, 430 nF, 0.44 uF,
0.45 uF, 0.47 uF, 470 nF, 0.48 uF, 0.5 uF, 0.51 uF, 0.52 uF, 0.56 uF Radial,
Suppression Film Capacitors, Polypropylene (PP), 1 uF, 310 VAC, 10 %, 27.5
mm, - 40 C 250V 400V 630V China Film Capacitor - Zhengli Group Company . 250V 400V 630V China Film Capacitor, Find details about China Film Capacitor,
Capacitor from 250V Conditioner, High Voltage, Fan, Automobile; Capacitance
: 0.47UF; Manufacturing Material: Polypropylene Metallized polypropylene film
capacitor CBB21(MPP) . Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (400V 474j).China Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (400V 474j) - China . China Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (400V 474j), Find details about
China Automobile; Capacitance: 0.47UF; Manufacturing Material:
Polypropylene; Usage: High M(20%); Capacitance Range: 0.0047 ~ 3.3 UF;
Rated Voltage: 250V, 400V, 630V DC Metallized polypropylene film capacitor
CBB21(MPP) 1.Film & Mylar Capacitors - E-Gizmo. Jan 23, 2015 Mylar Cap. 100nf 400V 20%. Mylar Cap. 102 Wima MKP Film Capacitor 0.22uf/
630V Box. Special Cap. MKP Metalized Film Capacitor KNB1560 BOX. MKP
Metalllized Polypropylene Film Cap. 580001 14 0.47uF/63V. 580001348
MPP Polyester Film Cap.3.3nf (molded) . 474/470nf 100v BOX.0.47uF 470nF 474j Polyester Film Capacitor 630V, View Polyester . Quick Details. Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland); Brand Name: SR;
Model Number: CBB21; Type: Polypropylene Film Capacitor; Application: Capacitor code table | Kaizer Power Electronics. 47 * 10000 = 470000 pF = 470 nF = 0.47 uF with the J meaning a 5% tolerance.
A second Pingback: how to read metal film capacitor codes | mdlvcollective.Sitemap - China MPA MPT Axial capacitor Manufacturer. We are professional China MPA MPT Axial capacitor supplier,MPA MPT Axial
Film capacitor manufacturers and MEA MET Axial capacitor factory in China.
MPP Film capacitor · Polypropylene capacitor_CBB21_MPP_MKP · Metallized
Safety Capacitors · Brief introduction of CBB21Metallized Polypropylene Film box type metallized polypropylene Film Capacitor 474nf 250v, View . box type metallized polypropylene Film Capacitor 474nf 250v,US $ 0.001 - 0.08
Package Type: Surface Mount; Capacitance: 0.47uF; Rated Voltage: 250V Great deals from wonderco buy79 | eBay Stores. 950pc MEF MER Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor 103 0.01uF 630V K ±10%
RoHS 10pc MPT Metallized polypropylene Film Capacitor 103 0.01uF 1200V K
±10% Axial 38pc MEA Capacitor 105 1uF 400V K +/-10% Axial RoHS JS Size
50pc MPA Capacitor 0.47uF 2KV 474K 474 2000V K ±10% Axial Type For buy CBB22 Polypropylene Film Capacitor for 0 47uf 630V - high . Supply Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors 0.47uf , Find Complete Details
about CBB21&CBB22(MPP) Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor Mtf
Polyester Film Capacitor 450v 474k 0.47uf,Capacitor,Electrolytic Capacitor,
Ceramic 250V, 400V, 630V Payment Terms: T/T Brand Name: ELE
Capacitance: 0.010 HK Capacitors. Ceramic trimmer capacitors -5mm TSC(N)05-030 3pF max different kinds of
Film Capacitors: 0.47uF Metallized film capacitor, 1600V film capacitor,
sulphide capacitors( MPPS), Metallized polypropylene capacitors (MPP),
Metallized . 335, 336, 337, 390, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 470, 471,
472, 473, 474, 475, Dongguan Chengdong Electronic Technological Co., Ltd. ,Passive . Hot sale Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitors MPP CBB22 824J 400V P..
MPP CBB22 474J 400V 0.47uf; Lighting Polypropylene Film Capacitors MPP Audio lab of Ga. .056UF 630V RCA CAPACITOR 56n Pulse Film Capacitors .056uF 5 . AC and
Pulse Double Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors MMKP . MPP, XICON
Safety Film Capacitors .47uF 275VAC 20% X2 Radial REPLACES 460S2W474KConnect with 714 Capacitor CBB61 Manufacturers - Global Sources. MPP/CBB21 Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitors Min. CBB61 Metallized
Polypropylene Film Capacitor, Non-inductive Construction Min. .. Miniature,
Radial Capacitors, LLE Series, 400V 4.7uF, Sized 10*12.5mm, KEMET SMD
Tantalum Capacitors 35V 0.47uF, A Case, ±10% Tolerance, T491A474K035AT
Min.泰诚数码from the best taobao agent yoycart.com. MKP63 474K 300VAC Y2 40 110 56B () 0.47UF 470NF) farad capacitor Price:
$2.23 . CBB 475 400V 4.7UF 4700NF metallized polypropylene film capacitors
Film CBB21 205 630V P27MM 2UF 630V MPP CBB capacitor films Price:
$2.21.Page 39 - Arihav Electronics Inc. - Electronics Components. 4.7N/250VAC2 HPF 7.83 BV6700/9 565, N/A, N/A, 500, CAPACITOR POL . 137
, AC and Pulse Metallized Polyp Film Capacitor MKP Radial 0.27µ/630V .
MKP4G042206F00KYSD, N/A, WIMA, 6, 2.2MF 400VDC MKP4 P27 2.2µ/400V
POLY 27.5MM . 2013, TAIYO YUDEN, 0, 0.47µ/50V 0603 X7R 10% 470NF 0.47
UF.pilkor 15 n j datasheet & application note - Datasheet Archive. 241 Pilkor components PFC Input Capacitors Metallized Polypropylene film
250V 400V 630V 800V 1000V , Pilkor components Metallized Polypropylene film
Capacitance (example) 474 0.47uF J ± 105 1.0uF K 6 ± 10 % Code Code A
, . 15.0mm , marking 105 J 300 P473 MPP 1303072 PCMP 473 (Round Shape)
Capacitors polypropylene - electronic parts - page 8 - Elcodis.com. Results 351 - 400 of 1000 353, 1429-6473, 1429-6473 Polypropylene film capacitors 630v .047uf 10% tol
film capacitors 250v .047uf 10% tol mpp, Xicon, Metallized 359, 1431-4103J,
1431-4103J Polypropylene film capacitors 400v .01uf 5% tol pp, Xicon
Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors, ECW-F2W474JAQ.pdf.film capacitors - Megasan. Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors…… 157 to 224 400V. 6. 10.0.
630V. 7. 63V. 8. 7.5. 100V. Series. 365. 366. 367. Type 0.47uF ±5% 250V=
55/105/56. 1000 Rated capacitance in code according to IEC 60062(474) .
PCMP 472. Metallized Polypropylene film capacitors. (MPP). 238. VRdc = 550V.Пленочный конденсатор C-FILM 0,47 мкФ (uF) 275 VAC X2 10 . Пленочный конденсатор C-FILM 0,47 мкФ (uF) 275 VAC X2 10% 15mm.
Подробная Ёмкость: 0.47 uF Тип: X2 Class Metallized Polypropylene Film
Capacitor, Self Healing Properties C-FILM 0,47uF 275VAC X2 10% P=22,5mm
(W32P474K9 26*19*10) /WEIDY/ C-FILM 1uF 400V Rm20 MPP /TOPMAY/ 0.33uf | eBay. 33 uf 0.33µF 330nF 10% 400V Metallized Polyester Film. EUR 2.54 50V 0.1uF
0.15uF 0.22uF 0.33uF 0.47uF 1uF 2.2uF Aluminium Capacitors Radial . 10pcs
CBB Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors 630V 222J 473J 474J 225J 475J etc.
1 pair of Jantzen Silver Gold Z-Cap MPP Capacitors 2% 250-800V (all values).MPP series. MPP series. Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors MPP 10nF=103. J: 5%.
400V. =401. R= Radial. B= Bulk. Blank=Standard. 0.47uF=474. K: 10%. 630V.承認書 - 路之遥电子网. CHARACTERISTIC CURVE OF CAPACITOR (PP FILM TYPICAL PARAMETER).
275:275V 400:400V . 0.47uF. 10.3. 16.0. 17.0. 15.0. 0.75. HQX474□275N□□
5.MPHB474 105 630V - Ropla Elektronik Sp. z oo - Yumpu. MPHB474 105 630V - Ropla Elektronik Sp. z oo. Text; Voltage, · Mphb, ·
Europtronic, · Resistance, · Capacitance, · Rated, · Expressed, · Characteristics, 电子-科技-有限公司 ---高频大功率PIN二极管, 射频 - 微高电子IC 交易网. 0.022UF/630V 0.022μF / 630V, 31519010000 CAPACITOR SAMSUNG CII5.
0.47UF/400V 0.47μF / 400V, FILM CAPACITOR WIMA MKP10 PITCH 22mm 5
£ 0.68UF/250V 0.68μF / 250V, METALLIZED POLYESTER FILM CAPACITOR.United Kingdom film capacitor Suppliers, Wholesalers United . 475j 250v metallized polypropylene film capacitor x2 0.47uf 250v capacitor
capacitor CBB60 u bottom with cable 25/70/21 400v mpp film capacitor 3hp
capacitor start motor ceramic disc capacitor film capacitor 474k 400v film
capacitor cbb60 630v motor run capacitor 16uf single phase 2hp electric motor
capacitor.【全新原装CBB81 2KV 2N2 2.2N 2200 高清逆程电容】广东深圳全新 . 额定电压Rated voltage:250V、400V630V、1000V. ◇电容量 CBB13(PPN)聚
丙烯膜电容器Polypropylene Film Capacitor. 2. film capacitor. 5.CBB21金属化
聚丙烯薄膜系列电容器(MPP) High-Voltage Metallized Polypropylene Film
Capacitor. 8.CL11聚酯膜 . CBB22电容器474J 0.47UF 400V 脚距:15MM. ¥0.
18.ฟีล์ม คาปาซิเตอร์ - Digitclass. Capacitors 0.012 uF 630V ระยะขา 15 Capacitors ยี่ห้อ Panasonic ชนิด
Metallized Polypropylene Film 0.018 uF 800V (183) ระยะขา 15 Capacitors ยี่ห้อ
SHINYEI (ประเทศญี่ปุ่น) ชนิด (MPP) Metallized Polypropylene 0.1uF 450V ระยะขา
15 0.47uF 450V (474) ราคาตัวละ 5 บาท . 0.1uF 400V ราคาตัวละ 3 บาทMetal Film Kondensator 474K Power Supply Film Capacitors X2 . ROHS Complicant high voltage CBB81 PPS facon capacitor water pump
capacitor. Metallized polypropylene film capacitor for light MPP 400V 224J. 21
items.Polypropylene Film Capacitor - LuLuSoSo.com. 250V/474J CBB21 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor/ Film Capacitor/
Metal Film Capacitor/ CBB22 Polypropylene Film Capacitor for 0.47uf 630V.List of videos MPP PY | On-Line Technology. MPP PY - Video-Tutorials in english and other languages about: Operating 474
0.47uF CBB CBB21 P=22.5MM MPP Metallized polypropylene film capacitor Top Priorities for film-capacitor.net - WooRank.com. Nov 19, 2016 Website Review of film-capacitor.net: SEO, traffic, visitors and polyester 16;
polypropylene 14; order 11; metallized 11; products 9; fob 9 ?Condensateur 0 5 dans Divers achetez au meilleur prix avec . Electronics-Salon 500pcs 470 NF 0,47uF 474 Polyester Poly Film condensateur,
100 V 47nF 630V Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors - MPP, Lot of 500
Pieces. . Condensateur 0.033uF 400 volts Amico CBB22 400V 0.033uF 223K 5
% tolérance (cela .. CONDENSATEUR SUPPRESSION 0.47 uF BOSCH.Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors. Series Wound Metallized Polypropylene division of a major Taiwan film
capacitor company with the .. Capacitance Range: 390pF ~ 0.47uF .. .068 .
082 .1. 124. 154. 184 .12 .15 .18. 224. 274. 334 .22 .27 .33. 394. 474 .39 .47 ..
630V / 400VAC,. 1000V / 500VAC,. 1600V / 600VAC,. 2000V / 650VAC. 400V /
250VAC,.cl电容器,cl电容器价格,批发,采购,图片-马可波罗网. 金属化聚丙烯膜电容器CBB21(MPP)Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor 为无
感结构,用金属化聚丙烯薄膜作为电介质 [查看详情] CBB电容CL电容器630V
2.2UF 225J 全新原装厂家直销深圳代理 . 供应CBB薄膜电容器,CL电容器,CL21
684/400V ,CBB22 684J400V . CBB/CL电容器630V/DC 474(0.47UF) 20MM.Capacitor 15 Special Offers: Sports Linkup Shop : Capacitor 15 . 50PCS CBB21 474J 400V 0.47UF 470NF P15 Metallized Film Capacitor Ref:
630V CBB21 153K Film P10 15NF 200PCS Capacitor Metallized Buy Now >>
Polypropylene Safety Plastic Film Capacitor MPP 104 K 275V 0.1K Pitch 15mm.10 X WIMA MKP 4 0.1uF 630V +/ 10% FOR AUDIO CAPACITOR on . 10 X WIMA MKP 4 0.1uF 630V +/-10% FOR AUDIO CAPACITOR in Computers/
Tablets Audio Capacitor Box Kit; Wima MKP 0.47uF 630V audio grade
capacitor 1pc; 5pcs MKP 2x Solen 0.33uF 630V Axial MKP Film Capacitor
items in diyaudiokit MKP Audiophiler Capacitor, Metallized Polypropylene,
10uF 400V; New